Xbox720 to debut at E3 2012?

15 June 2011

xbox720The pale nerds may still be flicking through their E3 2011 holiday snaps, fiddling with themselves while looking at SCART leads and what-have-you, but there's a lot of muttering about next year's video games festival.

Developer Crytek has apparently muttered something about the fact that it's working on a title for the next generation of the Xbox.

In addition to that, the console could well be unveiled at the 2012 conference.

If you're wondering what game is being discussed, it is Timesplitters 4, and techheads will be thrilled/disgusted/aroused to learn that it will use CryEngine 3 and, of course, be a visual feast for the eye that has seen no sunlight for years.

The console is being called the Xbox 720, but it is likely that it'll be given a snappier name than that. Either way, this is exciting news for gamers.


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  • Tweedskin
    SCART leads?! Pah! We use HDMI, fools (unless we have a non HD TV, obviously....)
  • Wozza
    "Either way, this is exciting news for gamers". Not really NEWS though, is it?
  • Richard
    in other news sky is blue, grass is green and bitterwallet will have an article on apple's new iPhone by the end of the week :-P

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