Xbox One does a Sony and makes you get adapters for everything

21 October 2013

Xbox One Sony, as everyone knows, are buggers for having unique leads for everything so you can't use third party cables with their devices. And now, Microsoft are having a go at the same by not allowing third party headsets into their imminent Xbox One console.

So, the next-gen gizmo will have a redesigned controller which changes the connection for the headset. The headsets you have for your Xbox 360 won't work with the new console and Microsoft will be releasing an adapter if you want them to work.

Nice little earner, eh?

Worse still is that it looks like these adapters won't be available 'til next year, which means you won't be able to hurl abuse at people while playing Call Of Duty for the time being.

Basically, if you have the XO Four or XO Seven Xbox One gaming headsets, they'll need the Xbox One Headset Adapter and the delay is being caused by the fact that Microsoft haven't actually made them yet.

The Xbox One is set to launch on the 22nd of November and you'll inevitably have to pay for one of these adapter or buy a new headset which will be expensive, right now. This'll probably be the case for all old equipment you'll be wanting to use as console makers will be trying to bleed every penny they can get in a market that is struggling.


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  • OK b.
    Unless you have the emotional intelligence of a 14yo and like playing soldiers both consoles are a waste of money until at least Q2 next year. Better wait for the price erosion - especially on the xbone
  • Late
    You can of course use the headset that's included in the box, while you're waiting for an adapter. Might not be the fanciest if you're looking for surround sound etc. but it'll allow you to verbally abuse other early adopters.
  • x1xCLUTCHx8x
    Of course you need an adapter. The new console runs wide band audio. A standard stereo end won't transmit that properly. Do some research before you start trashing a company
  • rasputin
    I think that's a bit harsh on Sony like (or the usual Mof lack of research is the most likely case?). Sony phones have been using micro USB for years - one connector, same as most others. PlayStation, been using standard usb to min-usb for controllers, headsets..... ie the most commonly used format around now for device connectivity.
  • Russ
    The PS3 had a simple USB lead to charge controllers which I liked. Microsoft had a bizarre play and charge kit which cost extra - hope they just go with a USB cable next time round.
  • I_Like_Crumpets
    x1xCLUTCHx8x - Do you even know what wide band audio is? A standard jack is quite capable of "wideband" audio, whatever the hell that marketing speak is supposed to mean. I assume just an extended frequency range.
  • Bittershit
    Typical Bitterwallet, using their Daily Mail reporting skills! It has been known for months that old headsets and 3rd party headsets will require an adapter, due to the changes in the technology.
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