Would you pay for an advert-free YouTube?

youtube Remember when YouTube first kicked off, before Google swallowed it whole? Endlessly searching for obscure music videos and old TV shows without an advertisement in sight! Those were the days when the internet was all fields.

These days, things are different. For a kick-off, people are now able to make some money from YouTube. However, if you miss the ad-free days, Susan Wojcicki, Google’s senior VP in charge of the service has said that there is going to be a version of YouTube where you can pay to get rid of all the adverts.

YouTube has over one billion unique visitors each month, who between them, watch over 6 billion hours of videos per month and uploading 100 hours of stuff every minute of the day. The reach it has, especially in the lucrative 18-34 demographic, far surpasses any TV station on planet Earth.

So obviously, the service as it stands isn't broken, but a lot of people do get irritated by rollover ads and the like... but are they annoyed enough to cough-up their money to lose all the commercials?

YouTube would presumably throw more at such a service, rather than just getting rid of salesmen. If they adopt a monthly subscription model, then you can imagine YouTube Premium (or whatever) would be advertless and allowing you to watch Exclusive Content From Some Bands Or Whatever and have an instant messaging services embedded in it, as the latter seems to be a huge obsession in the land of tech.

If the package was right, would you pay for a YouTube with no adverts?


  • Greg
    Just use Adblock, it removes the ads from the page + the 30 second videos.
  • me
    An ad-blocker?
  • Jerec
    Adblock in my Firefox works a charm. I don't know why we pay for anything these days, might as well scrap the pound.
  • mooch
    Also, compare YouTube's interface with VIMEO; and it doesn't come close to looking as nice as that. Until it does, I'm not paying for anything.
  • Slacker
    Yep, Adblock Plus means anyone with half a brain already has an ad-free YouTube. Let the Facebook potatoes pay for it!

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