Would you like to own a USB typewriter?

14 June 2010

Have you ever wanted a typewriter that is electronic? You might be thinking "Yes. It's called a computer. And you're an idiot. Where do I get a refund for reading this rubbish?" Well, someone thinks it's a good idea. That person is Jack Zylkin who has made one.

A DIY kit will retail at $75 and a pre-assembled one will set you back somewhere between $400 and $500. This entirely useless thing is compatible with PCs, Macs and iPads and will leave any user saying things like "Haha! Look! My modern gadget is like an old typewriter! See? *click-click-ding!* Wait! No! Come back! I'm very, very lonely!"



  • Jim P.
    Where *do* we get a refund for this rubbish?
  • Ron B.
  • Uncle C.
    If I put my nephew's iPad on top of my manual typewriter, would I: a) get a similar effect; b) get an Oscar, or c) get arrested (again). What do you think?
  • Derp
    I see you, NumptyJ.
  • Nobby
    That has given me an idea. I am going to make a real mouse into a computer mouse.
  • MrRobin
    I usually quite like to see 'Steampunk' inventions, but this one is rubbish! Next! :)
  • Tony A.
    Man, thats awesome Regards Tony Awesome
  • a418552
    I'm going to make a lizard into a monitor.
  • Si
    @ a418552, I don't think many people got that last one.
  • Ted S.
    Typewriter? Shitypewriter more like.
  • eBay-a-wak
    Posted by a418552: I’m going to make a lizard into a monitor. # Posted by Si: @ a418552, I don’t think many people got that last one. I lika to see ya try! Go annas then!

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