Woman sues Apple over Android iMessage bug

19 May 2014

apple-android Apple is being sued over a bug which ensures that messages sent over the iMessage app are deleted if the user switches from an iPhone to an Android phone.

A woman in the US, Adrienne Moore, claimed that the Apple messaging service ‘interfered with delivery of texts after she switched to an Android-based smartphone.’

Like Whatsapp, iMessage doesn’t involve carrier charges, because it’s web based, but if you use Whatsapp, it doesn’t delete all your messages if you get a new phone. Mysteriously, though, Apple’s iMessage doesn’t like Android one bit.

When you get the iMessage app, Apple registers your number and then all texts are sent using iMessage. Even if you switch to a new (Android) phone, your number is still registered, and you can receive iMessages.

But not ALL of them, it would seem. And you won’t get any notifications about any missed messages and the sender of the message won’t get any notification that it’s bounced back, leading to confusion and despair.

Moore is launching a class action suit, saying that people who switch from Apple to Android are ‘penalized and unable to obtain the full benefits of their wireless-service contracts.’ She’s also suing because Apple have never mentioned that switching to an Android device could cause this problem.

And according to the nerd grapevine, Apple know about the bug, but have no idea how to fix it...

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