Windows letting XP die and putting businesses at risk

windows-logo Microsoft are going to stop their technical support service for Windows XP from April 8th next year, which is leaving businesses in a muddle. As many firms haven't planned to move to a newer system, they could soon find that they've got a unproductive system that is prone to cyber attacks as Microsoft stop releasing security updates.

According to Camwood, less than half of all large organisations have begun the migration process from XP to Windows 7. With Microsoft recommending that companies prepare the change 32 months beforehand, with a year to go, it is looking like there's going to be a huge number of vulnerable computers.

"In these tough economic times, it is not surprising that business leaders do not want to invest a substantial amount of money in something that essentially isn't broken, as is the case with Windows XP today," Adrian Foxall, CEO of Camwood, said.

However, it is soon going to start acting like it's broken.

While this might seem trivial, we can only hope that local councils, police forces, hospitals and banks are already sorting their houses out.


  • Alexis
    Essentially isn't broken?? It's a colander of security holes, caked in sticking plasters.
  • Kev
    I'd probably change the title from Windows to Microsoft. Business have known this for a while so it should not be a surprise to them.
  • Nathan
    It's a shame that XP only has less than a year before it's considered officially obsolete. No matter what anyone says, it is by far the best operating system ever released. Has any other OS enjoyed a 13 year lifecycle? Nope. Anyway, I will always keep one of my computers running XP despite its planned obsolescence. My main computers are dual booted with Linux Mint and Windows 7. As much as I like both, they still don't compare to the simplicity and satisfaction that XP gives me.
  • Daily M.
    Hey Bitterwallet, why not start a Deathwatch for Microsoft? You're quick enough to do it for other companies (but not yourselves).
  • Han S.
    They're not supporting Windows 3.11 either. Bastards.
  • Sarah
    "Windows letting XP die" Eh?

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