Windows 8 to get app store and do away with hard copies of software?

18 August 2011

windows-logoThere has been mutterings for some time now about Windows 8. One of the biggest noises that the new operating system from Microsoft would featuring an app store.

Of course, this isn't surprising at all given that everyone has an app store these days and, in addition to this, if Windows 8 is going to be Bill Gates move into the world of tablets, his company are going to need to muscle in on the lucrative app market.

It transpires that these rumours were indeed true as Microsoft today revealed that Windows 8 would be getting their very own app store, but the team working on it refuse to say what it will entail precisely.

One suggestion is that Microsoft will be allowing users to download software for their devices straight from the store, potentially doing away with hard copies forever, which is a neat development. If this is the case, then could we see issues such as viruses and malware being less common? Or, indeed, will this just kickstart a app blackmarket for hackers to exploit?


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  • The B.
    Are they calling it an "app store" because that would violate an Apple trademark wouldn't it?
  • Alexis
    Bet they aren't going to do away with licence keys and the "Genuine Advantage" bollocks are they? As for everything else, just more Apple ripoffs. Again. Been funny watching MS fail at everything during the last few years.
  • TechLogon
    Big thud, bandwagon shudders from impact... MS join the party a few years late, as usual. Judging from other app stores this will be a new opportunity for more viruses, not fewer - cloaking them in app store respectability is a fast way to spread, even amongst the more wary consumer.
  • Mark
    Good to see Microsoft playing catch up with Linux yet again :)

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