Windows 10: reboot loop hell

Windows Loads of people have downloaded Windows 10 now, but some are having major issues with the new operating system from Microsoft.

So what's happening? Well, there's some rebooting nightmare going on, which sees users trapped in constant reboots thanks to a dodgy update.

On the Microsoft forum, one user said: "It downloads, reboot to install. Gets to 30% and reboots. Gets to 59% and reboots. Gets to 59% again and then states something went wrong so uninstalling the update. Wait a few minutes and reboot. Back to login screen."

Sadly, these are mandatory updates from Windows 10, which means you can't decline the installation, which is making this a massive headache for a number of people.

The KB3081424 update, which is the problem, is failing to install properly, which means that Windows 10 immediately tries to do the whole thing again, making your computer unusable.

As yet, Microsoft haven't offered a fix for this and is only fixable if you're clever enough to get under the hood and manually edit a bit of the operating system. If you try it and cock it up, then you're guaranteed to have a whole host of other issues, so we won't be offering a How To on that fix here.

For most users, the update has been fine. For those that are having problems with it, we await Microsoft's response.


  • MicroHard
    Surely load of people are having major issue with the new operating SYSTEM from Microsoft and not operating server as you have quoted?
  • FooFan73
    "is only fixable if you’re clever enough to get under the hood and manually edit a bit of the operating system" You don't to do anything fancy, just navigate to C://Windows/Users and delete any user folders for which those users no longer exist or are in use I had my own user, GUEST, DEFAULT and one (empty) folder left over from a deleted profile when my PC was running Windows 8.1 Deleted the empty unused folder and the update installs fine
  • oldgit
    There was only one / after C: in my day.
  • shiftynifity
    Early Adaptors, you were warned...nothing for free in this game
  • Han S.
    There aren't any / at all! It's \
  • A
    I would like the detail below to be added to Comments above. -- As of 29th July, I have had issues with Waking my laptop from Sleep mode. When the laptop goes untouched the laptop goes into Sleep mode and when this happened on the 29th July, my laptop would not Wake which meant that I had to Force Shutdown, this has happened 4 times. I have now had to deactivate Sleep Mode. Also, as of 29th July, when I activate Shutdown, the screen goes black but the Power button remains lit up which means that my laptop is still running and I have to Force Shutdown. In regards to both Shutdown and Sleep mode, I might be fortunate that the laptop Wakes from Sleep mode and this also applies to full Shutdown. The laptop has also been running extremely slow. I have had my laptop since January 2015 and I have not had 1 issue since the Windows 10 upgrade. Having had continues problems Windows Live Contact Helpdesk recommended that I revert back to 8.1. I then initiated Windows 8.1 but in the process of reverting back some issues started and now I am on the HP Recovery Manager screen. Microsoft should have released Windows 10 later in the year. I have contacted two people at Microsoft one being at the highest level and the other being a General Manager requesting that Microsoft pay for the recovery disk. I didn't have one problem when on 8.1. Not 1 person at Microsoft have had the decency to reply or help. They are fully responsible for this. I have told quite a few people about my experience and they haven't upgraded which is a good thing.
  • Jack S.
    When did all the morons start appearing here adding dim witted comments?
  • Jack S.
    Oh, around 8.58am on the 25th August. You asked for that.
  • Father J.
    Nobody should be 'upgrading' to Windows 10 until all support for 7 has ceased. By then Microsoft might have solved the usual plethora of issues that affect operating sytems in their first months of life. Or better yet, fuck them off and get Linux.

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