Windows 10 available for free!

Windows Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system is available from July 29th, and what's more - it is free! Obviously, it isn't free for everyone, but if you're already Windows 7 or 8.1, you may have noticed a little Windows logo in your toolbar, which means you can upgrade to it, free of charge.

If you hit the button, it'll let you reserve your upgrade and, when Microsoft pull the trigger, you'll get an automatic download and a new operating system.

Those who are eligible have a whole year to utilise the free offer, and once you've upgraded, you get it for keeps - this isn't a trial or anything like that.

Seeing as so many people thoroughly loathed Windows 8, this is a smart move by Microsoft - unless, of course, this new OS is even worse. You can't put anything past Microsoft these days. Either way, this is the last version of the Windows operating system ever, in the form we know it. Basically, it looks like this is it, but with tweaks and updates, just like Apple do.

Windows 10 is going to be used across all Microsoft devices, from laptops to smartphones, from desktop to tablet - not to mention Xbox and the HoloLens headset.

The big news is that the Start menu has returned, at long last.

The new Windows will ditch Internet Explorer and go with a new browser called Microsoft Edge, and, for those who like that sort of thing, the OS will come complete with the personal assistant thingummy/Siri rip-off Cortana, who was one of the stars of the immensely irritating adverts featuring Clean Bandit.

So there you have it. All go at Microsoft!


  • Nigel G.
    give windows 10 please
  • Irish D.
    How do we remove the stupid Windoze 10 notification?
  • arthur
    I have windows 7 that's been updated at all times , my ram memory is 4GB, so if I download windows 10 will I loose all my memory , or should I add memory to my pc. lastly if I do upgrade to 10 ,will it wipe out windows 7 and replace it with 10 so its like an exchange of programs , and do you think I should upgrade , sorry if I sound thick but would like your advice before I reserve ,, thank you Arthur
  • Andy
    You will have the same memory man, and also your softwares but if you are not sure about it use a virtual machine regards, have a good day
  • Han S.
    @Arthur - I don't think your mammy should be letting you use a computer
  • LD
    >>How do we remove the stupid Windoze 10 notification? Remove update KB 3035583 - standard method
  • Father J.
    "How do we remove the stupid Windoze 10 notification?" FORMAT C:\ Install Linux Done.
  • Mike
    General rule for (major) windoze versions follows rule of SHITE then OK then SHITE etc, so... 95 OK 98 SHITE XP OK VISTA SHITE 7 OK 8 SHITE 10 OK?
  • Big M.
    Linux Mint 17 XFCE - very good.
  • Sheogorath
    Windows 10 is going to be used across all Microsoft devices, from laptops to smartphones [...] That was the idea with Winblows H8, and look what a train wreck that turned out to be. I'm eligible for this downgrade (running Winblows Heaven Home Premium [OEM installation]), but I shan't even bother to take Micro$##t up on this 'offer'.

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