Windows 1 v Windows 8 - have we really come this far??




  • The B.
    Windows 8 looks like an entry to a BW competition.
  • captain c.
    Is this what M$ mean by "backwards compatibility" ?? I think they left out the word "ass" from the statement. LONG LIVE XP!!!!!!
  • Dick
    But back in 1985, if you touched the screen, then windows did fuck all. Windows 8 is aimed at touch screen users, so it makes sense to have a boxy design, so you stick your finger in the middle of the box.
  • Tom
    BW = apple fan boys/gays
  • sam
    linux forever!
  • Baha
    i think, blue screen is still same :)
  • Xyz
    This means we are going backwards, not Windows. We had keyboards on phones, letting us type really fast. Type blog entries, emails... FAST. Now? We are touching our phones like it's some [email protected] bar and you can't even type correctly/fast, gotta check every input since there is no feedback at all. It just sucks that people WANT this "evolution". This goes for software too. Back then? PC was complicated, people learnt how to use them, OK. Now? Let's just add ONE button, and that's it. Because that would make people freak out .... (oh god.)
  • Theo
    Actually the blue screen now comes with a frowny face (seriously) =(
  • the f.
    @Dick: A) That's what she said B) Our fingers are round?
  • DK
    I could never knew this, because there was no world for me that time. Strange but interesting. Dying to get atleast nowadys 1985 Windows 8 in 2011!
  • Sam R.
    Before you all dismiss Windows 8, I think you should bear in mind that what you are looking at is the Metro style interface which MS say is "touch first". I think the OS will support the more traditional windowed interface as well. They are, IMO, responding to the move towards touch and gesture interfaces. But Windows 8 will still work with a mouse and keyboard if you want to use it that way. Personally I can see why they are focusing on the touch screen devices - they are the hot sellers right now, but I don't think they will be big in the business world where navigating on a relatively large monitor in a traditonal desktop situation so I think there are few years of life left in the mouse an keyboard yet. As for similarity between Win1 and Win8, beyond the cute comparison made here, there is virtually none.
  • Teddy
    Hmmmmm I didnt even know that there was a release of windows 8... Gosh I remember those early days of windows. It was quite a step up from DOS though, at least in terms of the GUI. Where can I get a beta of the win 8.0?
  • Jan
    No, actually the BSoD is no longer blue anymore!! They made it black now!!
  • Bob
    Microsoft Metro UI won several 2011 IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) by The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). But haters gonna hate anyway.
  • Dude n.
    You all know that it still has the more traditional interface right?
  • Graeme C.
    Windows 8 shares many similarities with Windows 1.0, so what? I expect that when it is released for general use it will be a whole lot better than 1.0, in fact it stands to reason, I can't imagine why anyone would think that this move by Microsoft to go all retro and nostalgic would mean that their new windows 8 O/S will be just a re release of 1.0, why would Microsoft do such a thing? No, the fact is that when W8 is released then it will be very much like 1.0 but it will perform much better than W7, I run W7 on my laptop and it took me a while to get used to it, I loved XP Professional and was reluctant to give it up but when I got my laptop it came pre installed with Vista which was crap and so I upgraded to W7 following recommendation from someone who knew what he was talking about, that same person has the Beta version of W8 and he says that it is potentially going to be awesome, apparently it has some rather quirky and unexpected features but he won't elaborate, he has just said that when it comes out he will get a discounted copy for me, a legit copy, a proper Microsoft disc with a key code and everything, he is in the industry and so gets perks such as discounts but he doesn't take the piss with these perks, that would ruin it for everyone but anyway, I am looking forward to getting it, I never used 1.0, I wasn't interested in computers then, BBC Basic was too much for me at the time and I was more interested in getting stoned so......well what the heck, let's just wait and see what it is like and then make up our own minds eh?
  • john3347
    The Metro interface is a stab at making one OS be optomized for everything from a telephone to a corporate desktop work station. Windows 8, from all accounts, is optomized to use that interface and conventional mouse and keyboard input is added as an afterthought. I just don't see anyone, especially Microsoft, producing one OS that works well for all applications.
  • mein c.
    oh god everyone shut up jesus christ
  • Pascal F.
    Back to the future! Far behind Android?
  • Saeed N.
    Good point! Yeah, they seem to follow the same patterns. But hey, after all a Lambourgini follows the same pattern that a $3,000 Chineese car follows. See the difference?
  • cpt C.
    >> Vista which was crap and so I upgraded to W7 following recommendation from someone who knew what he was talking about fag.
  • Jeremy
    Is W8 the new Vista?
  • smashingnicey
    Well, you know, I actually congratulate MS for finally not blatantly ripping off Apple’s interface for once. I’ve been using a Windows 7 mobile phone for about 5 months which shares a lot of similarities with the new win 8 system and to be honest I’m enjoying the sleek simplicity. I personally think Apple has been a little sloppy with IOS of late and as much as I enjoyed 12 months with android, it does remind me of a flash BMW that’s just been pimped by Westwood. I only bought a windows phone because it was ridiculously cheap (£150) for the same or similar underlying processor as an iPhone or a top of the range android phone and can’t justify speeding over £200 for yet another gadget. And incidentally, I’m a big apple fanboy… but just not this time!
  • Blanka
    @Bob it's not about hating. It's about how they do with it. They announcing it like a normal desktop OS (where the UI sucks) instead of making a special UI for tablets (where it would be great)
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  • Loafer1946
    Problem with touch screens is removing the jam and marmalade

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