Will the £159 broadband computer bundle get everyone online?

brand new computer with nice legs nearbyUnbelievably, there are still people in the UK who aren't online. Bloody troglodytes. Maybe they think this whole internet business is just too expensive to get into?

Well, that notion could be kicked square in the arse as a cross-sector partnership aims to bring the internet to "every individual and every organisation in every community across the UK."

The scheme is called Get Online @ Home and is backed by Microsoft and TalkTalk. Consumers will be able to grab a "no nonsense" Windows 7 computer complete with TalkTalk broadband for as little as £159. If you're on benefits, it'll be even cheaper.

See the offers and deals at getonlineathome.org

The Get Online @ Home scheme has been offering cheap computers for a while now, but this is the first time they've coupled it with an affordable broadband package, which could certainly sweeten the deal for those wanting to make their first foray online (where they'll probably type in CAPS for 3 months, get bullied and set up twitter accounts with only one tweet, saying 'I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now').

For your £159, you can get a refurbed Windows 7 desktop PC with a 15in monitor and keyboard and mouse, as well as a 12-month TalkTalk broadband package with a monthly usage allowance of 40GB and a phone line with free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines.



  • heywood_jablome
    So if you're on benefits and contributing nothing to society, your family get a large discount off an already cheap computer and broadband setup. Don't benefits recipients already get free computer use at the local library and job center ? surely that's all they need the internet for until they actaully get a job. I'd rather children with good school grades and that show potential got these things. So who pays the unemployed peoples monthly broadband and phone line rental charges after the first 12 months are up ? Or can they just re-apply using another unemployed family member's discount ?
  • Avon B.
    "Windows 7". "No nonsense". Love it!
  • Dai
    Ah, heywood_jablome. Internet cunt. Your laptop will shortly be repossessed and given to a family of recent immigrants. Fifty quid. Fifty fucking quid discount for people who have recently been laid off due to "austerity" and want to learn new skils with online learning. And you moan about that...
  • Jack
    Ironic that this deal for people who are not online is only available onine through that website...
  • P C.
    I'll wager the local crack convertors will be full of these cheap PC's in a few months
  • Dick
    So they get all this stuff, then as they are with TalkTalk, they realise the internet is shit and give up using it.
  • corbyboy
    Is this article correct about what you get for £159? I can see nothing that says the TalkTalk subscription is included in the price. From what I can see, if you sign up to TalkTalk for £5 per month AND pay £14.50 line rental you get £50 off your chosen computer. Is this even a good deal?
  • great s.
    agreed - looks to me like over 300 quid for a crap computer + 12 months crap t'net
  • Mike H.
    Dai, I bet 99% of those who exploit this offer, will not be using it to find a job. Most people who have been laid off already have the internet and have the self respect to do everything they can to get another job without scrounging. Fuck you.
  • FatalException
    Maybe the hope is that they get addicted to online porn and stop breeding.
  • Mike H.
    Good point FatalException! Love the idea, free internet and access to porn sites for all chavs!
  • daniel
    @heywood_jablome not everyone on benefits wants to be on them but as there completely disabled they have no choice . sooner you get off you high horse and realise the benefit system is there for a reason the more chance you will have of getting a girlfriend/boyfriend and enjoying life.

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