Will someone make us a Lego printer?

2 June 2010

Printers are scum. They hardly ever work and use the most expensive substance in history - black printer ink (yes, more expensive than a vial of David Beckham's jizz) and seemingly decide at random to not speak to the computer it has been working with for months.

However, it'd be hard to get angry at a printer if it was made of Lego.

Some clever git(s) has made this ace contraption for seemingly no reason at all (which of course, is the best reason). As we're thick and prone to jealousy, we now want one. So Bitterwallet readers, if you'd like to make us one that'd be great. Feel free to send in your designs to our mailbox and we'll choose a winner who will get to make us their Lego office equipment for no payment and very little gratitude.



  • Simon
  • Nobby
    I am a pedant and proud of it. This is actually a plotter rather than a printer. But it is cool, especially the little men.
  • wonkey d.
    I was about to say well done, but then I saw he was using an Apple so he must be a cunt.
  • Gunn
    Pretty cool, and if you run out of ink, just replace with a pen or pencil.
  • Chocolate H.
    I wonder if you could build one that makes biscuits. I saw it on Bagpus once and have wondered about it ever since.
  • Paul
    I like the music, what is it?
  • Jim
    Isn't this technically made of Lego Technic rather than Lego?
  • Nobby
    This video features lego men and even a lego horse. Can you buy lego foxes?
  • The B.
    Mr Donkey has a point, it's a Mac user, burn them!!!
  • Brother D.
    [...] Will someone make us a Lego printer? | BitterWallet [...]
  • HP D.
    [...] Will someone make us a Lego printer? | BitterWallet [...]

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