Will buying Tumblr make Yahoo cool?

Aw, poor Yahoo. It’s like a dopey, snot ridden Napoleon Dynamite who tries to be in with the cool kids by buying the latest trainers and hoping for the best. Its board has just approved a $1.1bn deal to buy Tumblr, which is where hipsters unveil their animated gifs of Azealia Banks riding a My Little Pony through space with Mr Miyagi.


For Yahoo, who are basically Richie Cunningham to Tumblr’s Fonz, this is a big deal in terms of how they’re perceived, but whether the kids are going to care is another matter. Remember when News Corp bought Myspace? MEGALOLZ.

Although Yahoo will own Tumblr, its foundr, 26 year old vowel-hatr David Karp, will remain in charge of the New York based site, which now hosts 108 million really terrible blogs.

CEO Marissa Mayer, who used to be with Google, is making some sweeping changes at Yahoo, trying to bring them into the 21st century and away from that crazy dial-up modem scene of 1998. #yolo

But Mashable has already reported a backlash amongst Tumblr users, who are all like ‘Dude – Yahoo are like, so OLD. I bet they even remember Tori Amos.’


  • blighty
    Who cares ?
  • Kevin
  • Alexis
    Tumblr? Never heard of it
  • LD
    And they've really buggr'd up flickr big time too. "Biggr. Spectaculr. Wherevr" Aye right, see the 232 pages, 99.9999999% of complaints here http://www.flickr.com/help/forum/72157633547442506/

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