Wikipedia to be encrypted over 'Snooper's Charter'

7 September 2012

jimmy-walesJimmy Wales, the man who gave us Wikipedia, is not at all happy about the Draft Communications Bill, which is basically the government's plan to monitor and store all digital communications. Or, as it is colloquially know, the 'Snooper’s Charter'.

Should the Snooper's Charter become law, Wales has promised to encrypt all connections between Wikipedia servers and the UK. The Wikipedia founder told a joint committee tasked with scrutinising this bill before it ends up being debated by those backward mouth-breather in the House of Commons.

If you've missed the news on it, this bill proposes to record and store all communications data, while ignoring content, so that police and Government Communications Headquarters can look at who is talking to who online, without a warrant.

Home secretary, Theresa May, has defended the Bill, arguing that it will protect UK citizens. Not to mention costing the taxpayer loads of money. However, Jimmy Wales doesn't give two figs about what Theresa May thinks (quite right too) and told the select committee that the plans are "technologically incompetent".

"It is not the sort of thing I’d expect from a western democracy. It is the kind of thing I would expect from the Iranians or the Chinese and it would be detected immediately by the Internet industry," said Wales.

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  • LD
    It's like the Government's piss poor handling of the Bolivian Embassy debacle - can you imagine the squeals from #10, and panic phone calls to the U.N, if the Iranians, Iraqis, Russians, etc, etc announced they were going to enter a U.K. embassy?
  • catweazle
    Why can't the government concentrate on sorting out the various ills of this bloody country instead of wasting time and money by spying on us and decreeing what we can and can't view like some third world despot?
  • Natty
    Ms May gives me the same sort of shivers that Mr Blair and Mr Brown gave me and there not at all pleasent I can tell you.
  • Steve O.
  • Me
    Its a government IT project. It'll fail in the end anyway (after costing us a small fortune). Probably also get hacked etc and end up with Ms May pretending it never happened come the next election.
  • Dick
    Everything on wikipedia is wrong anyway. I know that is true as I read it on wikipedia.
  • Skymarshall
    They're they're Steve. It's OK.

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