Wi-Fi available on London Tube by summer (yeah right)

london underground tubeAfter something of a successful trial at Charing Cross station, TfL has confirmed that Wi-Fi will be available at 120 stations throughout the Tube network.

The service will only be available on platforms, leaving passengers unable to use the Wi-Fi service when travelling from station to station.

Hands up if you have any faith at all that this will come to fruition?

Of course, the TfL are saying that this will be available before the London 2012 Olympics, but this time last year, the same promise fell apart. Then, the UK’s four main mobile operators didn't want anything to do with it.

Basically, you'd be a fool to hold your breath.

TfL has yet to announce which company will take responsibility for the service. Gareth Powell, TfL’s director of strategy and service development said: “We are in the final stages of the tender process. London Underground is continuing with preparations to install the necessary infrastructure and is on schedule to complete the project as planned. An announcement of the chosen service provider will be made in early spring, leaving plenty of time for this to be delivered to customers in time for the 2012 Games.”

Yes, yes. How much will it cost?


  • Boris
    How dare you Mof! With scathing articles like this I fell that my time is being wasted. I could be bonking ladies instead of helping you out. Anyway, all of my promises have come true so far and so will this new-fangled why-fi. I had the very best Apple engineers in only yesterday showing me their AirPort (nothing to do with Boris International) technology. There’ll be one of those lovely white boxes on each and every train platform. Cheap as chips too! We also brainstormed some great flexible cable solutions – some kind of cheapernet on springs that clips onto the trains and stretches with them as they go between stations. Sounded very state of the art. Lots of Tees and ten by fours in them. I went for the blue ones obviously. Should take about two weeks to fit is all – got some work experience jobber knocking it all up supervised by those Geniuses from the shop. Bloody amazing how they have managed to employ so many geniuses – just shows you what a little class can do in a company.
  • Dick
    So soon you'll be able to organise a riot whilst waiting for the tube to take you there.
  • Oxymoron
    If you organise a riot is it still a riot?
  • callum
    Putting a few wifi-hotspots on tube stations is far more simple than installing an underground mobile network. I don't really see how it's on a remotely comparable scale as the last proposal.
  • Bloke
    It'll come to nothing. I remember being told that do-matrix indicators would carry news and the cricket scores. They can't tell you which train is next without "CORRECTION" flashing up every thirty seconds. It'll be in place in a few flagship stations, if they roll it out the equipment will get nicked, graffitid (sorry, urban art-ed) or peed on. How about a ticket machine that works all of the time? Or how about non-slip floor surfaces so you don't have to have illiterate signs advising you to take care because six drops of rain have fallen. You know, useful stuff.
  • capability b.
    oh for petes sake. why cant they spend the money on having a service that actually works properly and which doesnt require you to take out a second mortgage to buy a season ticket and which has properly staffed stations than spending money on making sure some twat can update his facebook status while waiting for a tube?????

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