Why don't women wear watches? There's a clock on the cooker.

You might think the likes of Google and Amazon are looking towards some technicoloured Star Trek style future of equality in the world but nope, not a bit of it. Bitterwallet reader Alex turned to technology to solve his gift-buying dilemma this Christmas, which promptly pointed out who ought to be wearing the trousers in his house, and who should be cleaning it:

Bitterwallet - Google suggests girlfriends should iron more this Christmas


  • Google
    Google - Letting people know their social standing.
  • Matt
    At least google doesn't give in to the PC brigade! Like the photos of the Obama's earlier in the year, they said - that's what's on the net, that's what we'll display. Good on Google!
  • Mr C.
    This isn't google's fault, retard. Don't you know how Adwords works? Advertisers pay to have their advert pop up when a certain term is searched for... blame Amazon!
  • Paul S.
  • Ted S.
    Yeah Paul, you retard. Keep your light-hearted stories to yourself. We need some articles about dog-mauling and the soaring price of gold.
  • Mike H.
    Yeah Paul.. more cats4gold mofo.
  • Mark M.
    Ha! Paul got pwned - what a noob BTW Mr CJ, retard is as retard does ;)
  • Brian
    I put Mr CJ in Google and Ask Jeeves The first listing I got back was Mr CJ = Bellend The second listing I got back was Mr CJ - Sucks cock for baccy.....
  • Nonce-Sense
    Where as my comment gone, you cunts? As I said, Mr CJ is a E-Wing Wrong 'un, on the numbers for fiddling with kids. Mr cj claims it isn't googles fault that they allow companies to use adwords in such a way - just like the time he paid them to allow him to solicit sex with pre-pubescent children. It's all fair in business; gotta let the market decide how to respond!
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  • blagga
    These sorts of comments are exactly why I read this site every day. Fabulous. (Except the random chinese Ropex-spammer who managed to creep in before me.)
  • blagga
    yeah, xuemiaoping1, I interested allright...
  • nike w.
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