Who will win the BIGGEST TELLY EVER contest?

20 December 2013

In the battle to make the biggest telly - a telly that would dwarf the average 52 inch screen currently hanging up on the accent wall in the lounge - LG and Samsung are neck and neck.


Yesterday, they both announced that they would show off their new 105 inch HD behemoths at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in January. They’re so massive that they have a curved screen, so you can get a panoramic, Grand Canyon-esque view of Peter Andre’s nostril hairs on 60 Minute Makeover.

Samsung say that they’re offering ‘a new proprietary picture quality algorithm that delivers optimised colour and a greater feeling of depth.’ The curved screen will also allow ‘the best possible TV viewing experience from any angle.’

LG say their curved 105incher is also pretty bloody amazing, giving ‘breathtaking clarity’ and a ‘unique viewing experience. Every open pore on Alan Sugar’s raddled face will be rendered in vivid detail, and you'll be able to see the internal thought processes of each actor in Doctors.

They’re going to be very expensive, probably over the 10 grand mark, so really, we'll all be better off going to the cinema instead. Perhaps LG and Samsung would be better employed showing each other their willies?

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  • Dick
    When you go that big, you might as well just paint a wall white and get a projector. Plus when you turn it off, it's gone. Whereas a big TV is always there.
  • barry f.
    Imagine wanking off to Eamon Holmes on that!! I would drop my porridge over his sweet little cheeks in an instant You utter cunts!
  • Gran
    Ooh I do agree Dick! Because everybody knows that projectors give the BEST picture of all. SO much better than these old-tech Ultra HD things with their silly 11 million pixels!
  • barry f.
    @Dick When I turn my lights off they are still there? How does that work then?
  • Ruzzz
    errr panasonic have released a 152" plasma http://tech.uk.msn.com/features/harrods-%C2%A3600000-tv-and-other-super-luxury-gadgets

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