Who tops the internet league?

16 March 2015

Lord of the Internet, earlier
Lord of the Internet, earlier

When it comes to providing the internet to people, which ISPs are best? Luckily for you, we've found out and can tell you, in case you're thinking of changing your account or boasting about how great your choice in products are to your stupid friends who just wouldn't listen to you.

Unsurprisingly, the smaller firms are the ones providing the most satisfaction, according to Which!!! BT, TalkTalk and Sky all scored less than 50% in the satisfaction poll, while John Lewis, Plusnet, Zen Internet and Utility Warehouse bagged scores in advance of 70%.

John Lewis came top with 76% while BT came last with a piddling 45%.

When it comes to internet speeds, most ISPs scored three stars, with Virgin Media getting four and TalkTalk getting a paltry two.

Which!!! big cheese Richard Lloyd chimed in, saying: "Smaller suppliers are leaving larger rivals in their wake when it comes to the service they provide so we need to see the big players up their game."

"Ofcom is also currently reviewing this market and we now need it to identify how it plans to ensure broadband customers get a better deal. We've told the advertising watchdogs that companies need to be much clearer with their customers about the speeds they can expect. However, three months on, we're still waiting for them to announce how they'll ensure adverts only show the speeds most customers actually receive."

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  • Albi
    Every time I move to a small supplier they get bought out by a big company. BE used to be be brilliant. Then Sky bought them.
  • Stu
    I'm with Hyperoptic, 1Gig http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4165292126
  • Richard S.
    Virgin media suck real bad. Sure, those high speeds are great at 0600, but in the evening dial-up was faster. Good luck getting through to their script reading off-shore waste of space support team.
  • soapy
    Virgin are fantastic for me, I get a solid 160meg even in the evening. It depends on your particular exchange.
  • tiderium
    can't complain about virgin media's broadband speed, but could write a book about how inept and useless the overseas call centre is. Personal favourite of mine was when they were advertising a free upgrade to tivo on billboards (we have a bill board directly across the road from my flat) so I called to enquire and was told by Stephen (yeah right) that no offer existed and I was making it up. or when my tivo box developed a fault and took 25 minutes to boot up, it was my fault and he was going to charge £90 for a call out fee. spoke to a uk person who arranged an engineer saw what the box was doing and said it shouldn't do that ever and replaced it instantly. So I stick with them because they have the fastest broadband speed in the uk .
  • Teddy E.
    The only reason that Utility Warehouse get a high score is because their distributors, who have a vested interest, vote for them.

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