Who needs credit cards when you can use your phone?

25 June 2013

It seems that the human race is resigned to having its eyeballs glued to a smartphone forever, so it makes sense that you should use it to pay for stuff, too.


A new app called Zapp has been approved by some of Britain’s leading banks, which means you can use your phone to pay for all your everyday purchases. It’s designed to work with current banking apps and each purchase uses a unique code, which is sent to your phone when you’re at the till. Then you just tap a ‘pay now’ tab on your phone and you’re done. It's like Pingit, the Barclays' app - but on a bigger scale.

Zapp is supposed to be safer than a debit card as the vendor won’t have access to sensitive information like expiry dates and your card number. The codes, which are generated by the store, expire after three minutes, so even if you get your phone nicked, nobody is going know your bank details. (unless they rob you within three minutes, of course).

Before it can go ahead early next year, however, there are a few logistics to get out of the way, like the fact that every business in the UK is going to have to sign up to the Zapp scheme for it to be successful. And the technology will have to be completely secure if people are going to feel confident enough to use it.

Also, we may then have to contend with wankers in Mumford hats and half mast trousers who say: ‘Oh, I didn’t have my card with me, so I Zapped it.’ But this is the price you pay for progress.

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