At last! The white iPhone 4 to be released in Spring!

6 December 2010

iphone-4-white-Do you want an iPhone 4, but in white? By which we mean, a phone that is the white version of a phone you can already buy? A white iPhone 4. In white. White as opposed to not white?

Well, soon you will be able to, which is the most brilliant and thrilling news we'll ever relay to you, dear reader.

A photo has hit the web of some new Apple Store sign thing which says this:

"The white iPhone 4 will be available in spring 2011."

How many times can we repeat the same news?

Anyway, these white iPhones were supposed to be on the shelves over summer, but they weren't. They're going to come out in spring now. In white. The iPhone 4 in white, spring.

Apple have previously made an announcement about the delay, saying that: "white models of Apple's new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year".

So there you have it. The white iPhone 4. Out in spring. Like lambs with wobbly legs. White lambs who can't get a good reception if you hold them incorrectly.

In spring.


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  • Nobby
    I would have though with Apple's history of making white things they could have solved their white problemquicker than that. Seems to me they are just waiting a bit longer to sell a load of black ones of the Xmas period, then introduce the new must-have white one. Black will be so out by then.
  • Steve J.
    I was getting out of the shower and slipped over, my phone must have been jolted from the sink as I slipped and landed directly under me just as my botty hit the floor, and as you can see from the x-ray doctor that's how I think my phone ended up where it ended up.
  • Liam
    Interesting that there is a lot of Apple news today when Google are supposed to be releasing Android 2.3. On another note, what's the point in buying an iPhone 4 in Spring when you know that Apple usually releases iPhones in June/July.
  • Slacker
    Whoop-de-fuckin'-do. Will it work any better than the other colours?
  • 100 B.
    [...] never far away from it. Following yesterday’s galaxy-shattering announcement that the white iPhone4 will be on sale some three seasons after it was promised, we can now exclusively reveal* the iPad [...]

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