When "shares well with others" is not a good thing

In another attempt by the entertainment industry to turn your computer into a television,  it was announced yesterday that the Creative Alliance, made up of representatives from the Federation Against Copyright Theft, (FACT) the Publishers' Association, the UK Film Council, BPI and more, are going to ask ISPs to ban people who use file sharing programs after three warnings.

This amounts to a tacit endorsement of the idea that all internet traffic should be monitored for content. Currently the ISPA (association of ISPs) claims that it would be impossible to identify who is doing what and with the advent of streaming, many internet users use a large amount of bandwidth and not just file sharers.

UK Film Council head, John Woodward counters that file sharing hurts the industry and threatens jobs. All in all it sounds like the same argument: throw in the magic words "threatens jobs" so it can get some press. At least they aren't claiming that when we share files, the terrorists win. This time.



  • Jill
    Huh? How is this "another attempt by the entertainment industry to turn your computer into a television"? Surely, if anything, it's the opposite?
  • MikeBeaver
    Newz Groups are the way forward now then, if your still Torrenting you're bound to get caught! Mike..
  • Mike H.
    Torrent files were first introduced to share large files between universities, so how are they going to differentiate between those who are sharing structural modal Finite Element analyses and those sharing a screener of Mdagaskar 2?
  • Mr H.
    Mike you cretin they can still catch you on Newsgroups...
  • MikeBeaver
    And pray tell how they can find out who is downloading what from Newsgroups? 100 of thousands of individual files that are only related to one another once collected together, as seperatefiles they are next to useles.
  • Noghar
    You forgot to mention that people who pirate films and share files are also drug dealers. Who show 18 films to minors. And operate pirate radio stations sending coded messages to terrorists.And don't always wash their hands after using the toilet if it's only a wee.
  • j
    ssl for the win!
  • Craig
    LOL @ Noghar. But you forgot to mention that they also kill puppies.
  • jsoap
    Most telling is Mr Woodward's claim that : "DVD sales deteriorate and jobs are lost in production and distribution of content." This is just a fact of life, illegal sharing or not.
  • Jack S.
    I cant really believe ISP's will do anything, the downloading isnt doing them any harm and keeps their revenue streams nicely topped up. Unless a law is passed where they have to identify and ban people, they will just keep up the posturing.

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