When Kinects go bad

Playing video games has always had its problems. From getting RSI playing Daley Thompson games on the ZX Spectrum, to hurling your joypad across the room in frustration on a particularly tricky end-of-level baddie. However, since motion controllers came into play, there's been a whole myriad of mishaps. The Kinect however, dispenses with all that... so what can be the problem?

Well, here's another video that proves disaster is never far away. While you may be able to predict the ending, you'll still widen your eyes and the volume of the accident. THWACK.


  • The B.
    WTF???? IS DIS 4 REAL??
  • Theo C.
    Wow, is that really all they've come up with for motion sensing gameplay? I was assuming they'd done something interesting and decent, not just "do a pelvic thrust to jolt forward". Also, great way to abuse your kids and get off with an excuse. The child's clearly asking for it and now bad parents everywhere can blame suspicious bruises on their Kinect. Far more plausible than the old doorhandle excuse.
  • Carl
    WTF! that isn't funny in the slightest.
  • Yes H.
    Why would you post up on YouTube of you doing this to your spawn??
  • Burnley S.
    Ouch! In the UK the social services would pay them a visit, that must have really hurt that poor girl. Agree it's not something that should be on youtube.
  • scott
    christ could some one just put the last 20 seconds up.
  • Kevin
    Well it says you should have clear space 6ft all around you, although I only know that from friends who have one. Don't put that on the bloody adverts do they. Oh no everyone on the adverts seems to have a warehouse or cavernous living room to play in!
  • klingelton
    Play em out, keyboard cat!

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