When kids go back in tech-time and don't have a clue what's going on...

10 January 2011

Here’s a lovely piece of retro-tech-flavoured viral video that’s ‘doing the rounds’ as we like to say down at the viral video club of an evening.

It’s a class of French-Canadian schoolchildren being presented with a series of vintage pieces of technology such as Nintendo Game Boys and floppy disks and being asked what purpose they think the items serve.

The kids are befuddled, which either says a lot about the French-Canadian education system or, er, something else about something else. And that.

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  • bob
    Thick cunts.
  • Avenue n.
  • dog b.
    Was it at a "special school"?
  • walletbitter
    Their answers are perfectly reasonable. This is tosh. [Love it when the boy starts scratching.]
  • Mark C.
    Whoever made the video certainly has no room to talk as far as identifying old technology goes - he has a 5.25" disc down as an 8" disc. Then again, perhaps that's what he's been telling his girlfriend is eight inches for so long he's forgotten...
  • The B.
    @DogBummer, of course it was at a "special school", they were French Canadians, the Canadians don't like 'em, the French don't like 'em, no wonder they want their own state, they probably want to breed a new "super race" with opposable thumbs.
  • Phil
    Whats wrong with a 5 1/4 disk? Perfectly good storage medium!

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