WhatsApp Facebook sale makes rivals more popular

25 February 2014

whatsapp When WhatsApp announced that they'd been bought by Facebook for eye-watering amounts of money, we half-heartedly suggested that everyone was going to delete it. However, there was always going to be some truth in that because some people really, really hate having anything to do with Zuckerberg and Co.

Then, last week, WhatsApp went down, leaving millions without the opportunity to send photos of their under-carriages to near-strangers. It was obvious that people were ready for alternatives.

Doing the best trade out of the whole shebang - WhatsApp's millions aside - were WeChat and Telegram. With the latter, despite it still being a new app, they saw a huge spike in downloads, with almost 5 million people signing up with Telegram on Sunday. That made it the number one iPhone app in 48 countries.

Durov, who created Telegram, said: "The app's growth rate increased around 3x to 800,000 - 1 million new downloads a day across iOS, Android and Windows."

Through their Twitter account, they relayed just how mental their weekend had been, astonished that an app that has only existed since last October, should suddenly start doing so well.

WeChat saw an immediate spike too. When the news of the Facebook takeover was announced, within 24 hours, We Chat had 379% more users.


Of course, there's a huge number of people who just don't care who owns WhatsApp, but if you do get jumpy about privacy concerns (something that is understandable, seeing as Facebook have a rather troublesome history in that field) or just want to try an alternative, there's enough out there.

It's worth noting too, that Vine are doing rather well at the minute, which could well be something to do with Facebook's involvement with Instagram and their failure to correct some pretty big problems it is having (many Android users can't upload videos to the service and it keeps crashing).

It seems for the most part, everyone is having a look at WeChat and Telegram. The founders of WhatsApp won't care because they're preposterously rich now and probably having Pina Coladas for breakfast.



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  • Han S.
    Whataspp is up 35%, Instagram 33%, Facebook messenger is up 13% and Facebook is up 11%. Don't think Zuckerberg will be shitting himself anytime soon

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