WhatsApp: 64 billion record breaker

2 April 2014

whatsapp When Facebook bought WhatsApp, some (including us) wondered if that would see people deserting the messaging app. With the news of the sale, other messaging services saw a spike in interest, so people were definitely wary.

However, it wasn't to last as this week, WhatsApp processed a gigantic 64 million messages.

This is a record high for the company and they gleefully crowed about it on Twitter, totting up a global 20 billion messages sent and 44 billion messages received. You would have thought there would be more sent than received, but there you go.

It seems that WhatsApp is counting a single message sent to a group as separate received messages, so they've diddled the figures ever so slightly, but either way, that's still a huge amount of messages they're processing.

Weirdly, this new record beats the amount of messages that went through WhatsApp on New Year's Eve, which is a traffic heavy period for any messaging service.

When WhatsApp start doing voice messaging, it'll inevitably get a whole load busier.

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  • Lofty
    "When WhatsApp start doing voice messaging," This service has been around for a while now...

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