What's the score with Microsoft, ask fans

So you spend $1.15 billion on building a new American football stadium, and plug the electronic scoreboards into Windows. Behold! 80,000 Dallas Cowboys fans chant for somebody to switch it off and switch it back on again:

Bitterwallet - scoreboard crashes at Dallas Cowboys' new stadium

Actually, we're not sure if American Football fans chant in a similar fashion to the terraces in Blighty. But if they did, what would they be chanting at this point? Thinking caps on, please - the best suggestion below wins a Bitterwallet bag o'nowt.



  • Maude
    (Sung to the melody of "Knees Up Mother Brown") Control, Alt, Delete Control, Alt, Delete Windows is a sack of shite Control, Alt, Delete
  • MrRobin
    "You're not booting anymore! You're not boo-ooting any more." Bit obvious I guess
  • Rob M.
    How about: "The IT guy's a wa**er!"
  • Simon
    I've seen this sort of thing with those 'self pay' kiosks that supermarkets and DIY chains are starting to put in. You just don't expect a blue screen of death while paying for your bread and milk!!
  • The B.
    Those lovely LCD advertising billboards they have on the escalators down the tube are always displaying it, especially good when the ad is supposed to be one flowing item but certain parts of it are blue screens of death.
  • J. T.
    How about "Can we have an Mac Pro please? Can we have a Mac Pro please?" - Pretty lame I reckon!
  • The g.
    youz are fucking youz are fucking youz are fucking stupid cunts

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