What's the deal with Apple's iOS 8?

3 June 2014

apple logo Yesterday, all the tech writers of the world were wetting themselves over Apple's latest conference as their latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, was shown off.

There was a lot to sift through, so here's the more interesting bits.


Apple's message service has been tinkered with. You'll be able to name threads, set up a 'do not disturb' feature on a group conversation and Apple have also introduced a thing called Tap To Talk where you can send pictures which vanish after a few seconds, almost as if they've copied Snapchat wholesale. There could well be a lawsuit, which will suit Apple because they LOVE going to court.


iOS 8 now lets you interact with your apps from a variety of places, such as the lock screen as well as the home screen. If you swipe down from the top of the home screen, you can interact with your notifications, as previously seen on Android. Apple have also updated the double tap feature which they brought in with iOS 7.


Spotlight is a thing that makes searching for news, music apps and the like, much easier on your device. Imagine it as Apple's re-edit of Google Now.


iOS 8 will have personalised predictive text with something that looks a lot like SwiftKey. It'll offer word suggestions as you type and also allow you to put in words of your own, if you swear a lot.


Apple want you to be healthy, so have given you a new app designed to monitor your well-being. The new HealthKit and Health apps will have third party app support, such as Nike's hugely irritating Nike Plus service. You'll be able to test your blood pressure or something. Sounds tedious, but some of you may have been waiting all your life to conduct health exams on yourself.


The new HomeKit software allows you to control household objects and appliances from your phone. It seems with Google's Nest and HomeKit, the software giants want  to turn our houses into automated machines, like the one from The Simpsons' Treehouse Of Horror episode.


Apple have improved the connection between your Mac and iOS, which basically lets you read messages, answer calls and more across your devices on the same Wi-Fi network.


In short, Apple have doled out their own version of Dropbox. Boring, but useful.


With Family Sharing, Apple users are able to share photo streams, reminders lists and calendars with up to six family members on one device. Careful if you've been taking loads of photos of your junk to woo potential sexual partners because nana might end up seeing it. You'll also be able to view purchases made by all members of the family (provided it is from the same credit card), so jumpy parents can snoop on their kids or suspicious spouses can see if their other half has been buying saucy stuff for their affair.

Anything else you've seen, that you like/hate the look of with iOS 8?

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