What's new with Apple and iOS?

What's new with Apple and iOS?

Apple have shown off the next instalment of iOS, which just so happens to be called iOS 10. Amusingly, Apple gaffer Tim Cook referred to it as "the mother of all releases."

So what's new?

Well, on your phone's operating system, there's going to be new features with your Messages, as well as Maps and Photos. Siri is going to be improved too, and there's new things going on with Apple Music and Apple News.

Oh, and it'll be out in Autumn.


The messages you get are now going to have a lot of emoji and stickers in them, like you've already seen on Facebook's messaging services, and WeChat. Developers will have the chance to make their own customers stickers too, so you can imagine every new big-budget film release will have stickers you can buy.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps has been given a redesign, with bigger icons on the foot of the screen. It'll generally look a bit nicer while it beautifully directs you into the nearest lake.

Apple Music

There's a pretty big Apple Music overhaul going on. Basically, album art is bigger and bolder, and now, the app will open up in your library, but apart from that, will feel the same, just look much nicer.

Apple News

It is designed nicely. Has a lot of news on it. What more do you need to know really?

New Notifications and Lock Screen

iOS 10 has a redesigned lock screen, so you'll get larger notifications, and you'll be able to swipe right to access your camera, while swiping left will show you the Today screen.

There's also a "Raise to Wake" feature, which basically wakes your phone up when you pick it up. Loads of phones have been able to do that, but Apple fans should like it.


Siri is getting improved, and it'll have intelligent scheduling incorporated into it. It'll recognise faces in photos stored on your phone, and apparently, it will understand users than ever before.

Developers will be able to use Siri's capabilities for their own apps too, which could make for some very interesting and useful apps.

Anything Else?

Click here and let Apple tell you.

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