What we want - a stupid shaving helmet!

shaved headDo you shave your head? Do you end up looking like Ray Liotta in Hannibal? Is it all just one massive faff?

Well, why not pop a motorcycle helmet on your skull and let it shave your bonce for you?

Sure, there's a lack of dignity about sitting around your house while a helmet cuts your hair for you but, to be honest, it's more dignified than a comb-over or that great big Swastika tattoo on your forehead (the only people who shave their heads are either going bald or Neo Nazis).

That's right Skeletors! Some chap from New York has apparently created a head-shaving helmet that will do the job for you in just 20 seconds. Provided of course, that the video which displays this beastly barbermachine isn't a big fat fake.

If you believe it, the helmet has four blades powered by two motors mounted on Teflon-coated aluminium rails, complete with a shaving cream injection system. The video, below, which showcases the device, whips off the subject's hair leaving only shaving cream. Sadly, no-one loses an ear in the video.



  • PokeHerPete
    The faggot looking at himself with a iPhone ruined it for me.
  • baldybaldclub
    These people should hunted down and waxed from head to toe -I feel so cheated. being a c^ck - this the app for that.
  • ElBuc
    One word: twin.

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