‘What is twerking?’ and other top Google searches of 2013

17 December 2013

Being Google can’t be easy, being asked billions of questions every day by people who want to know what ‘YOLO’ means. And if you thought your dumb Google searches were private, think again.

Bitterwallet - Google

Each December, Google releases a ‘Zeitgeist list’ to show the real depth of the UK public consciousness, and it seems that we’re a shallow, idiotic, grasping population of numpties whose main purpose in life is to find out what twerking is.

The Miley Cyrus endorsed bum sticking out dance topped the list of Google ‘what is?’ searches, followed by ‘what is my IP?’ (good question). At the bottom of the list came the doozy ‘What is the meaning of life?’ (which came before ‘what is Zumba?’)

General searches were mostly related to tragic movie star Paul Walker, quickly followed by the iPhone 5S and the Royal Baby. Margaret Thatcher came 9th, ironically below ‘Universal Jobmatch’.

‘Our annual Zeitgeist survey provides a fascinating snapshot of our interests and obsessions for the year.’ Said Claudine Beaumont of Google UK.

Yes, and aren’t we a bunch of eejits?


  • Dick
    Did "What is this large green lump growing on my scrotum?" make the list? If not, there should be a BW campaign to get it on next year's list.
  • Catdaddy
    I actually did google what is this big green lump on my scrotum last year. They told me you would be the one to tell me cause you be had one since high school. I called you. But your mom said you were away at not so funy university. So there you go :(

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