What is the average gamer like?


The average gamer is usually described as some bloated, spotty teen, living in their parent's, covered in crumbs and pale from a lack of daylight. However, that isn't really true and now there are some figures to back this up.

A new study shows that the average video game player is a 35-year-old married man or woman earning £23,000 a year, a new UK study has found.

People with jobs are the most likely to be found unwinding with computer games, and they'll be button bashing for around 12 hours a week. Furthermore, this same group will be found staying up 'til 10.58pm to play.

Researchers surveyed 2,000 people in UK who considered themselves 'gamers' and found that women spent just as long playing games as men.

"The image most people have of a gamer is usually a young boy, holed up for hours in end in their bedroom, only stopping the game for food, drink and toilet breaks," said the video games social network Pixwoo.com, which commissioned the research.

"But these results show that the stereotype couldn't be more wrong. Not only are women just as likely to be gamers as men, but we are talking about fully grown adults who work, have a family and are in a relationship . Gaming is no longer something reserved just for children and young adults," it said.


  • Big M.
    message R Tape loading error, 0:1 Bastard.
  • Dosser
    I traded my console in for a life instead.
  • waffle
    surely the young boys holed up in bedrooms for hours playing video games wouldn't bother completing surveys about video games, whilst older people bored at work would? and so the results are a load of nonsense?
  • John
    Hahahahahaha Dosser got his life from CEX!
  • shiftynifty
    Pixwoo.com....says it all....
  • Can't m.
    £23k Woooo, megabucks. Imagine how much Tennants I could buy with that!
  • Les D.
    problem is "Researchers surveyed 2,000 people in UK who considered themselves ‘gamers’". depends on how you define a gamer. playing fucking farmville on arsebook doesn't make you a gamer. Playing zumba on Wii doesn't make you a gamer.
  • noshit
    Another fantastic article from Mif. Wow this is so interesting!

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