What is the average Facebook user like?

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo Someone, for their own sweet reasons, has conducted a study into the activity of 1m Facebook users in a bid to see what Mr and Ms Average are like on the social network.

Apparently, Mr Average Facebook is jaded with their career by the time they get to 30, which is eight years earlier than Ms Average Facebook. It has also been noted that Ms Average Facebook peaks talking about TV at 44, while Mr Average Facebook natters about the box at 31.

Women at 34 prefer to talk about exercise, while blokes lay off that 'til they're 45. Basically, it looks like men and women are avoiding each other on Facebook.

The only result which showed some harmony was travel, with men most interested in the topic at 29 and women at 27.

Researcher Stephen Wolfram said: “Some of this is rather depressingly stereotypical. And most of it isn't terribly surprising to anyone who’s known a reasonable diversity of people of different ages... but what to me is remarkable is how we can see everything laid out in such quantitative detail [and through data analysis create] a kind of a signature of people’s thinking as they go through life."

Meanwhile, over on MySpace and G+, a tumbleweed passes by and a lone church bell peals.


  • crap
    That lone church bell was pealing and tumbleweed passing was happening whilst I read this. What a waste of my life that was. Back to facebook.
  • badger
    I just want Facebook to go away.
  • Captain W.
    What is the average BW reader like?
  • james
    mentally ill
  • shiftynifty
    a tumbleweed passes by and a lone church bell peals goes on in Stephen Wolfram`s head...
  • Kevin
    No such thing as an average user.
  • whatever
    Does anyone 'use' facebook? Aside from businesses or bands etc. As individuals I think most everyone has it but everyone hates it. It's just sort of handy. But shit.

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