What happens in a minute's worth of internet?

Have you ever considered what happens in a minute across the whole of the internet? Of course you haven't. You were too busy uploading pictures of your awful pets or leaving snarky comments on an article.

Thankfully, the incredibly bored people at Intel have been wondering and decided to find out and tell us all.

The infographic shows that, every minute, 639,800GB of IP data is transferred across the planet, including 204 million emails being sent, 20 millions photos uploaded to Flickr and the processing of 100,000 new tweets and 320 new Twitter accounts.

Of course, that's not all. Regarding YouTube, every minute there's 30 hours of videos uploaded and 1.3 million video views while over at Facebook, there are an eye-watering 277,000 logins every sixty seconds.

Intel also reckon that there's enough networked devices in the world to equal the entire population of Earth. And the amount of devices is likely to double.

If only they'd had the gall to work out how many gallons of fluid are produced in an internet minute's worth of watching filth.



  • Inspector G.
    Interesting point, Mof, there seems to be a distinct lack of reference to 'adult entertainment' in that graphic.
  • Andy A.
    w*nks in a minute would be a high number
  • jim
    lol @ "snarky comments on an article" well said
  • Yorkshire M.
    Mof -looks to me like you cocked up! 20 million photo uploads my arse - 3k more like...

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