What do you want from your mobile phone?

5 August 2014

mobile When you get a new mobile, what are you really after?

A new survey asked, and the answer wasn't anything to do with eyeball scrolling, indestructible glass or voice control. When it comes to having a phone you're happy with, it seems all you want is something that won't run out of battery anytime soon, is easy to use and can get a signal most of the time.

There are figures to look at as well. Despite all the whistles and bells of new smartphones, 29% of those asked said that an easy-to-use phone was most important, while a decent signal is the primary interest of 19%, with battery life hot on its heels.

A decent amount of memory/storage is something people should want, because there's nothing as frustrating as when you download a couple of apps and your phone starts acting like it is having a massive seizure.

The most useful fancy-feature is fingerprint scanning technology, with 56% of people using it more than once a day. More than a fifth of those in the survey said they liked having and using a camera too.

"It’s becoming increasingly hard for smartphone makers to differentiate their handsets from those of their rivals. They hope that flash features like Fingerprint ID on the iPhone 5S, or Amazon’s Fire Phone and its ‘Dynamic Perspective’ display, will give their phones the edge," said Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at uSwitch.com (who conducted the survey).

"However, our research shows that many Brits can spot a gimmick from a mile away. It’s actually the basics that affect the every day user experience – like long battery life and a robust design – that people really care about."

So Google Glass isn't going to take off with the general public, is it?

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