What are Apple announcing tonight?

21 March 2016

As we near the Apple event that has got a very special type of person giddy and excited, we look at what is most likely to happen tonight. Things should kick off on Apple's site (and on your Apple TV) around 6pm UK time.

It won't be an extravaganza, and there certainly won't be any needless violence, but there is likely to be some ideas that have either been pinched from other tech companies, or that are about to be stolen and appropriated by others.

Usual day on the technology waltzer, eh?

apple announcement

One of the things that is being muttered about very loudy, is a new iPad, most likely called the iPad Pro 9.7, which is not exciting, but there you go.

With Apple fanboys critical of Apple for leaning too heavily on iPhones, tonight's event is likely to look at the rest of Apple's offerings.That said, the other products may come later in the year, as we suspect that today's event will be showing off the 4 inch iPhone, which will be cheaper than the existing phones, and of course, a godsend for those of you with little hands.

There could be a new Apple Watch, or at least, something from the wearable technology canon.

A lot of people are talking about the iPad Air 3 and a smaller iPad Pro. There's a lot of leaked images doing the rounds on the internet, of a variety of products, but many of them look unreliable from here. Most of the talk is about this new iPad having a screen that is 9.7 inches, if size matters to you.

Either way, there's not long to go, if you're into that kind of thing

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