"Whaddya mean, Sky+ didn't record last night's Lost?"

16 February 2009

For those of you who like to count the blades of grass at Old Trafford rather than watch the game itself, then HD TV is the future. Unless you've recently upgraded or bought into Sky's HD future, in which case you might be softly crying into your cushon right now.

TrustedPlaces reports that thousands of customers are suffering at the hands of faulty set-top boxes, even though they don't have hands, or even limbs. It seems a serious hardware fault on boxes produced by Pace (although they all look similar) causes the internal hard drive to slowly fail, taking with it every last episode of Law & Order on the Hallmark Channel you'd recorded on Series Link.

Sky is going above and beyond to sort the problem, a strategy in their own best interests since Sky channels are currently chock full of promos pushing customers to upgrade to HD. According to TrustedPlaces, staff have been drafted in from other divisions to help deal with Customer Services, quietly contacting customers that might be affected by the problem and offering three months free HD subscription.

[TrustedPlaces] via [Gizmodo UK]


  • Jo S.
    Got to say I have hade my Sky+ HD box for almost 18months now & it has never failed on me once!! That's probably the death knell sounding now though!!
  • badmanz
    "consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the uk deal community" bollox
  • Mark G.
    Nonsense. I know plenty of people with SkyHD, and nobody has a problem. This sounds like a few isolated case, some shill reporting from Virgin Media, and a slow news day.. Get some perspective....
  • Darren
    on my second box already, but some Pace models have seriously cheapo Hard drives in, they cant manage to record a HD program and watch another without stuttering.
  • Mark
    @ Mark G Actually, Sky are recalling 90,000 Pace Sky+ HD boxes: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/digitaltv/a146765/fault-hits-90000-sky-hd-boxes.html Thing is when your box is swapped out you will lose all of your recordings anyway so what have you gained?
  • Yas
    Sky BS
  • Bob
    I've had 3 sky+ boxes, and now on Sky HD+ hope this one doesnt fail...yeah right.
  • D&G S.
    Yes they WILL swap Your box for another one, but it will be reconditioned and most likely fail again. This will keep happening untill your warranty expires. Which then they will offer you the BS Sky Protect plan.
  • Spuckle
    I've BT Vision with the same problem. I'm on my second box, had it 2 weeks and it's started crashing already...!
  • David M.
    i was on my 6th sky+ box and upgraded to sky Hd yesterday and woke up this morning to find out that 24 had clashe, thought it was only recording planned and that all recordings scheduled for after 12 had failed

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