Welcome to the Mobile World Congress 2014

24 February 2014

If you’re getting sick of people looking at their phones while you’re trying to talk to them, then steer clear of Barcelona this week. The Mobile World Congress has begun and it’ll probably be more irritating than a Dom Joly sketch.

mobile world congress

But the MWC is a big deal for companies rolling out their new toys, and today sees the unveiling of the waterproof Sony Xperia Z2, with an 5.2inch HD display and Android KitKat software (Mmmm, Kit Kats.)

There are also a lot of wearables, smart watches and health monitoring bands that look like really lame Swatches, and tons of ‘phablets’ – a really annoying word that makes me want to kick a hole in the wall.

And the other big news today is that finally, Nokia has woken up to the 21st Century and actually designed a phone that runs Android, rather than the woeful Windows. Hurray!

But unfortunately, the Nokia X is a bit crap and clunky and has an interface like one of those plastic cracker puzzles where you move the tiles around. It looks cheap because it is – retailing at around 90 euros. And it doesn't even run Google Play.

Later on, there’s rumoured to be the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and tonight Mark Zuckerberg will be delivering the keynote address. And there’ll be ringtones, finger swiping and demonstrations galore from Glassholes in casual shirts. For the next 4 days.

Which is all very well. But does anyone have a battery for an Ericsson?

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  • leeisgod
    Woeful windows phone software, you are so obviously a dribbling whyphone user you have no clue. Do you also own a pair of beats headphones as well by any chance.
  • Titties M.
    Well said Lee.
  • jokester4
    Why are Microsoft making an Android phone???
  • Carl
    The level of tech reporting on here is woeful.
  • jokester4
    @leeisgod You must not have used a Windows phone - as much as I dislike iShit, they are still better than Windows phones. It's such a basic awful operating system with literally dozens of major problems. Windows Phone < SE Symbian < iOS < < < < Android.
  • leeisgod
    Dozens of major problems, not had any on my Nokia 920. Daughter not had any on her 800 either. Great camera, great free world mapped sat nav without using data, had a company whyphone and gave it back, elder daughter has had 3 android phones in less than a year.
  • jokester4
    @leeisgod Unfortunately, at work we give out various Nokia Lumia and have endless problems with them. The main faults are the screen staying blank, refusing to charge and refusing to turn on. The microphone has failed on a couple too. The main reason I dislike them though is how difficult they are to set up - especially with Exchange accounts due to them going to 'standby' halfway through setting it up, and as soon as you turn the screen back on, they have forgotten all the settings. Also, the settings all seem to be in a disorganised mess.

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