Welcome, the Flexi-Disc Tablet!

8 January 2013

A company called Plastic Logic have come up with a tablet that looks like a Flexi-Disc, or, as they prefer, "looks and feels just like a sheet of paper".

Basically, it is a 10.7in touchscreen device, designed to be used a few at a time, with different apps or windows running on each PaperTab, each aware of each other. Have a look.

As you can see, the flexibility of the device is a key part of the interface. Bending the page helps you scroll and navigate. And it is all backed by second-gen Intel Core i5 processors.

However, if you're going to need multiple devices, this won't be taking down existing tablets any time soon, and could well be consigned to the Nice Idea skip, along with Flexi Discs.


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  • leeisgod
    probably get sued by apple for patent infringement.
  • james d.
    as interesting as that looks, its easier to click send than move a mail over the outbox tablet, thats a whole "paper tab" functioning as a send key. Why would we want to add the disadvantages of paper to technology
  • Issac M.
    Is it a tablet, or just a display? Whats the big fuck off cable for?
  • Clunge
    But can I play angry birds on it?
  • Tim B.
    The interface is laughably bad. However, the flexible screen is definitely a step forward. For example, the next kindle could be far smaller, and unfold when you want to read.
  • Kevin
    Far too late. We don't need flexible devices anymore. We have small tablets that fit in pockets for example. It was a nice idea in the past but we've all moved on from that.
  • Tim B.
    @Kevin: I'm not so sure. Granted, we have small devices that fit in pockets, but done properly, flexible displays definitely have a use. Example: a phone that fits in your pocket, but with a telescopic frame, allowing you to increase the screen size to that of a tablet.

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