Websites to become more BBFC'ed

bbfc-18-jan82009-cg-main99999 UK websites will no longer be able to host films that glamourise sexual violence and abuse, due to new government rules.

Material refused an age rating by the BBFC will be banned under new legislation coming this autumn, after David Cameron pledged to sort it out.

What applies to the films in the cinema and TV, will now apply to online.

It's basically an expansion of the legislation that currently exists for violent sexual behaviours from cinemas and DVDs.

Regulator for video services online, Atvod, Peter Johnson reckons there will be "significant fines" for any websites that breach the new rules, and will also face removal from the internet altogether.

Currently films with scenes removed by the BBFC for consumption in cinemas or on DVD can be shown online in their original form without penalty.

Good luck trying to put a modesty wrapper on the whole of the internet.

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