We Really Want: Hologram phones!

4 June 2014

princess_leia_hologram While massive losers have been pining for hoverboards (seriously - you can't skateboard, so what makes you think that travelling through the air on a plank is going to make any difference to you?), the smart folks have been jonesing for hologram stuff!

Hologram gadgets require sitting down and showing off, rather than breaking your ankle trying to impress people by doing preposterously named tricks invented by dribbling Californians.

Apparently, by 2015, we could live in a world that has phones that project 3D holograms into thin-air.

This is according to a company called Ostendo, who have the financial backing to go hell for leather on this one. And they're in California and not a bunch of dribblers at all.

So what's the deal? Well, 5,000ppi projectors the size of Rice Krispies are now powerful enough to control the colour, brightness and angle of individual beams of light across one million pixels. One chip is able to deliver a decent enough image, but adding more of them gives the opportunity for more complex and detailed images.

The Wall Street Journal has seen a demo which involving six chips beaming a spinning green dice in the air and, furthermore, no matter where it was viewed from, it was "consistent".

It is still early doors, so the holograms are likely to be in 2D on release, but we'll be able to project images onto nearby surfaces at sizes of up to 48 inches. Ostendo already has some big players in the tech world on board, so hopefully, there's a load of really exciting things afoot.

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