Watch out for fake Firefox update that infects your computer

30 July 2010

Clint Eastwood in Firefox
Online shitboxes have developed a strain of scareware that pretends to be a Firefox update which tricks users into visiting scareware portals which run fake security scans on your computer which, of course, report that non-existent security problems are harming your computer. This then leads worried users toward buying software that's worse than useless.

People are lured to these sites through search engine manipulation, which ensures rogue sites appear prominently in lists of search results for newsworthy terms.

The newest con features a fake Firefox "Just Updated" page of the type that is displayed just after users update their browser software. The page claims that users need to get a Flash update which then produces a download box with scareware tucked away inside it. Once you visit a maliciously constructed website (that is obviously nothing to do with genuine Firefox updates from Mozilla), you're all set for the attack.

The Reg report that F-Secure were one of the first anti-virus groups to detect the problem and they have a write-up of the scareware slinging ruse in a blog post here.

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  • digriz
    I read this just as a firefox add-on update goes ahead. Thanks?
  • Wood B.
  • Ten B.
    [...] out for fake Firefox update that infects your [...]

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