Watch Gravity in 3D - in a tank that mimics weightlessness

13 March 2014

gravity Did you see Gravity at the IMAX? Well, that was NOTHING compared to watching it in a magnificently equipped flotation tank designed to make you feel completely weightless.

In Stockholm last week, Warner Home Entertainment invited 12 Gravity enthusiasts to watch the movie in a series of special tanks. The viewers lay in the blue lit tank, which had been filled with water and salts and heated to exactly 35.5 degrees to mimic resting body temperature.

As your body is the same temperature as the water, there’s no sensation of BEING in water, so the viewer just feels that they’re weightless.

Apart from going to one of those weird bunkers owned by NASA in the middle of nowhere and doing full on astronaut training, it's the closest to being weightless the world has to offer. And, doubtlessly it also made viewers feel closer to Sandra Bullock's chemical peel.

Anyway, then a big screen hovering above showed them Gravity in 3D and they all lost their minds with excitement. Let’s hope they watched out for those big black holes! (in the plot).

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