Warning: iOS 7 can secretly save your embarrassing Snapchat photos

If you’re the sort of person who likes to take pictures of your genitalia on Snapchat, beware. In iOS 6, if anyone takes a screenshot of your Snapchat photos, the original poster of the photo gets an alert. But at the moment, in iOS 7, the alert won’t happen, meaning that people could secretly use your photo for nefarious purposes.

At the moment, Snapchat photos only last ten seconds before they are deleted. But iOS 7 doesn’t cancel ‘active touches’ – and that cancellation is what stops users being able to take and save screenshots against the user’s will. Without it, that 10 second window could last A LIFETIME, and you may find yourself inadvertently appearing on a website called Real Life Jugz.com.

So in theory if iOS 6 users send sexy fun times photos to iOS 7 users, they can basically screenshot them and keep them forever, and cherish that photo and blow it up and put it on the side of a bus – without your knowledge.

We’re sure Snapchat will fix this glitch before iOS 7 is released. But if not, it might be a safer to bare all in real life and go dogging in a car park near North Mimms services instead.


  • jiggle
    This snapchat thing is no use to me, need at least 15 seconds to tug one out.
  • Dick
    Real Life Jugz.com is not a real website.

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