Want to watch loads of dirty videos and annoy David Cameron?

23 December 2013

Bitterwallet - David Cameron

David Cameron is determined to pop a protective wrapper around the internet to stop people looking at mucky photos and bongo videos. It soon turned out that existing smutblocks were stopping people from looking at sites designed to give helpful advice on domestic abuse and sexual health while grumble was readily accessible.

Crucially, everyone knew that it wouldn't take long to bypass all this Mary Whitehouse nonsense.

And now, there's a bypass to the filter called 'Go Away Cameron', which is an extension for Chrome that promises to "bring porn back". Install that, and you'll be able to watch whatever grot you please.

Go Away Cameron "automates a private and smart proxy service to route your access around censorship so you can regain your access to your favourite blocked sites in the UK," according to the FAQ.

The reasons the extension was built, according to the site: "I enjoy my internet freedom, and urge all of you to never give that up, let alone to any government agencies."

If you want to look at dirty things without having to ring up your ISP to opt in, have a look goawaycameron.co.uk.

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