Want to stay hidden from searches? Facebook kills that off

11 October 2013

facebook mobile

The contempt Facebook has for its customers is borderline impressive. At every turn, every redesign, every time they meddle with the privacy settings, it seems to be in direct conflict with the people who use the social network.

And now, Facebook is getting rid of a privacy feature that let users limit who can find them on them.

The company said that they are removing a setting that controls whether you can be found when people type their name into the website's search bar.

Say hello to that clingy, obsessive ex of yours! They've been waiting.

Facebook reckon that only a single-digit percentage of the 1.2 billion people on its network were actually using the setting, so basically, if they delete their account in protest, Facebook don't give a fig.  If you want to protect your privacy, Facebook suggest that you limit the audience for each thing you post about yourself, whatever that means.

Either way, there's no point moaning about it because Facebook aren't listening and aren't at all bothered about what you think, unless they can turn it into ad revenue. Ho hum.


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  • Mike H.
    Couldn't care less as my facebook account is set up under a pseudonym and is there for one thing and one thing only....to stalk ugly munters lol
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    Surely you can still block people you don't like.
  • Alexis
    To be fair though, it's all free. Spotify turned to shit when they meddled with the free ad-supported version. And you can't watch much on YouTube without sitting through a 30 second ad first nowadays. At least FB fundamentally works pretty much as it did at the beginning.
  • Fred S.
    I always thought we were the Facebook product not its customers! Customers, after all, pay for a service. That would be the advertisers...

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