Want to buy Facebook Credits from a UK retailer?

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Have you ever been stupid enough to buy any Facebook Credits? No? Well, you can stop reading this then - unless you like getting peeved at things to make you feel alive.

Anyway, Facebook Credits, the virtual currency used on the social networking site, are going to become available as a physical gift card form across the UK this week. Tesco and GAME have signed up to sell the credits which can be used to buy games and apps on Facebook.

There are more than 200 apps and games that accept the new currency form, the most notable being (the insanely irritating) Farmville.

You can only use them on Facebook currently, but Deborah Liu, manager of product marketing for Facebook Credits and games at Facebook, has expressed her desire to see them used elsewhere with the help of Facebook Connect.

“Someday it’s something that we would consider,” she said, “but there’s a lot that we want to do on Facebook.com for now.”

You'll be able to buy Facebook Credits as gift cards for £5, £10 and £25.



  • LanceVance
    In answer to your question, no.
  • Danny
    Who cares?
  • Spark
    Only a total dickhead would want to buy these
  • boris
    Can I buy them with my old Monopoly money? If so, then I'm still not interested.
  • Sam
    Perhaps Facebook are trying to to replace the Euro?
  • james d.
    Most facebook users are total dickheads, they know their target market
  • PokeHerPete
    Give us some of that internet money
  • Skinheed
    Yet more evidence that the vast majority of Farcebook users are window-licking mongs.
  • Pie M.
    Facebook users are window lickers anyway
  • Keith
    Looking at some of your online names I would bet a good deal of money that you are NEDS...I will explain that to you simple people, it stands for Non Educated Delinquents. Another sad day for our education system *sigh* :D

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