Want an iPhone made from a dinosaur tooth and meteor?

10 December 2010

"You can't even reach your ear with a mobile phone y'stupid idiot."
Do you own an iPhone? Are you not satisfied with the level of shit people give you for being 'one of those iPhone sorts'? Well, you could really ramp up the grief you get by buying a gaspingly awful iPhone that's been made frighteningly expensive for no reason.

Stuart Hughes - a man who likes getting iPhones and cladding them in gold and diamonds - has decided that he's not been showy enough with his designs.

On top of the diamond and the platinum Apple logo, his  “History” edition of the iPhone 4 has a dinosaur, not a gem theme.

The arse of the phone is fashioned from a combination of 65 million-year-old T-Rex tooth and meteor stone.

It would've been funnier if he'd made a smartphone from Trex lard, but there you go.

Only ten are being made and you can buy one for the bargain price of just £40,000.

An essential purchase we think you'll agree.


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  • rappy
    yer not avvin mine
  • Tom P.
    Can i get TopCashBack (or your owners Quidco) cashback rebate with this?
  • Anonymous
    I heard that Quidco won't deal with Wikileaks... just saying
  • Brad
    Who said the economy was on its arse!?
  • Slacker
    "a gaspingly awful iPhone that’s been made frighteningly expensive for no reason." Not that different from the normal edition then...
  • All B.
    [...] Christmas, we brought you news of a customised iPhone that he’d cobbled together from a dinosaur tooth, which retailed at a cool £40,000. But that was [...]

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