Want an iPhone 4 for £99?

iphone 4Apple stuff. Overpriced evangelical rubbish, eh?

Well how about getting the chance to bag one of those new iPhone 4's for £99? Changed your tune? No? Sod off then. Those of you still left will be interested in this advertorial article seen over at the Guardian where some site called Groupola are offering the latest smartphone for piss-all.

With £400 knocked off the price, there's gotta be a catch, right? Well, apparently, there's only a limited number of handsets available and these will only be offered to email subscribers.

Obviously, this is a very easy way of getting numbers up and email addresses... but limited number? How many? Three?

Mark Pearson, managing director of Groupola, says: "Given that the iPhone 4 sold out through pre-orders alone in just 48 hours through the Apple store, we thought it was only right to offer loyal Groupola.com discount hunters another bite of the cherry. We've proved that the concept of group buying can work within the UK."

To be in-it-to-win-it, you need to sign up for the daily alerts and you'll be sent a link on 1st July which will allow you to buy the phone on 2nd July. Obviously, it'll be first come, first served.

"My advice is to open the link the second the clock ticks over at 9.30am – by 9.31am you may already have been too late," adds Pearson.

Because they've only got three.

Next week, there'll be a competition called "How To Get A Free Advert In The Guardian" which will see readers asked to designed a flashing pop-up ad which enables you the chance to get your teeth whitened by a millionth customer who has an iPad glued to their face.


  • Spark
    Sounds like bollocks to me.
  • kev
    sound like a chance for them to spam you for the rest of your life
  • Robert
    Look how much publicity they're getting when they've probably only got 2 or 3 to give away
  • a b.
    thats more tight fisted than me!
  • Peter G.
    I would rather an iphone 5, the iphone 4 will be out of date in a year
  • Nobby
    If they've got three, then there will be no-one that gets these. They will all go to staff at groupola. > I would rather an iphone 5, the iphone 4 will be out of date in a year The v5 will be out of date in 15 months.
  • Mo
    @Nobby erm if they give away iphones to staff at groupola than they seem very generous i think you have missed the point of the article they have a limited amount and they will only give it away at a loss so that they can generate good PR, those lucky bastards will then ten people who will then join waiting for a similar offer thus increasing the amount of money they make in the long run and therefore this stunt will not cost them a single penny.
  • Peter G.
    Then i would rather have an iphone 6 please
  • smashingnicey
    nah, iphone v6 will be out of date in 2 years. What you really need is a life. You can have one of those now. And it doesn't have to be as expensive as a flappy hands phobic iphone 4. And no Moff, I don't mean ilife.
  • Peter G.
    My Second Life avatar has the iphone 7. Im so jealous, I wish I was him.
  • glee f.
    people who have iphones are twats.............................nuf said
  • PokeHerPete
    I heard its impossible to get reception on the iPhone 6 - sounds awesome!
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  • Justin M.
    It turned out to be 200 units and they went within two hours. Trying to log-in, click on the offer and buy one was a total nightmare.
  • Buyer
    Get an HTC desire - much better phone anyway.
  • Terri
    Not really sure if they managed to sell (only) 200, as their web site showed random number of phones sold including 202, 207 and 212... their IT system is a mess although we all expect it will be overloaded. Some people got kicked out after actually putting in their visa card details. Any negative comments/ constructive feedback were deleted and users were blocked from their facebook accounts. One guy (whom everyone says he work for the company) keeps verbal bullying other people on facebook but his comments are still there. Brilliant marketing effect...
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