Want an erection with that meal? ask Burger King

burger king showerIn the attempt to get noticed over other ear-tag vendors, fast-food shops like to do online campaigns which are a bit quirky. There was that dancing chicken bloke who you could make... well... do stuff.

Now, Burger King are at it, with some lass in a shower with what they're imaginatively dubbing 'Burger King Presents Singing In The Shower'.

So, if you're in the business of getting a lob-on over some no-mark in a shower, scrubbing her arse while she sings a pop hit every morning, this showercam should be the best thing you've seen since Porky's Revenge.

Of course, the marketing chumps missed a trick here. What they should have done is something far more humiliating. They should have got a girl who can't sing for toffee and forced her to squirm in a bikini shaped like a Chicken Royale Meal whilst people abused her live. That would have been funny. It would've been like The Wide Awake Club's 'Singing In The Shower' section which got simpletons to butcher '80s pop hits.

Burger King are also offering the chance to win a date with our little performing monkey, which I imagine, won't go as hoped for many of the inevitable onanists as it won't involve a quick soapy wank, but rather, an awkward encounter involving some blokes from Burger King's marketing department constantly saying "Having fun?" and "No touching Burger Girl!"

Unless, of course, they're actually going to prostitute this poor wannabe starlet.

Click here to see Burger King's ShowerCam


  • Crisp
    Why is her hair wet BEFORE she gets in the shower?
  • DrTrouserPlank
    She's a dirty girl!!!!.... ...No really she is, she didn't have a proper wash at all.
  • kirrana
    You have missed the comic gold in the fact second place is a wash bag wich includes Burger King shower gel and soap on a role. I assume its for that after burger smell that goes down so well and something called flame which I pray to the comic gods is some form of aftershave. I assume that would be the onions based.
  • me
    why the hell do you have to be 18 to enter the site? Or are the videos going to get a bit more greasey?
  • hirting e.
    Mcdonalds are doing something similar over at www.im-wankin-in.com
  • Rob
    What's not to like?
  • Rich
    Bloody good idea if you ask me.
  • ryouga
    Probably has wet hair as she goes in as they likely filmed like a months or more worth of clips in one day.
  • Rt S.
    I am concerned. Surely she can't adequately clean herself by showering whilst wearing a swim suit? Particularly not if she has been near a Burger King Whopper recently. I think her brother should do the decent thing and stand in instead.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I lied about my age by using a false year of birth and got to see the video...ha ha ha...nearly got caught by my mother in a compromising position with my ERECTION (penis) though, while enjoying the vid.
  • Olly
    Presumably, using my BiteCard, I get an extra 20% off ?

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