Wallet Slightly Less Bitter As Boots Say Sorry

Here at Bitterwallet, we’re not just about doom and gloom. Like The A-Team’s Hannibal Smith, there's nothing more we enjoy than chomping on a fat cigar after a wronged consumer has got a result. That’s what happened to little old me earlier today when I received an unsolicited email from Boots.

Keen-eyed readers might remember me having a post-Christmas rant against Boots following the last-minute cancellation of an online order that they themselves had said could not be cancelled.

As a result, gift-giving plans were thrown into disarray and three poor female relatives ended up with decorative coat-hangers draped in tinsel. All was gloom.

Being the lazy sod that I am, I took it all on the chin and plain forgot to follow through with my plans to (a) write a stiff letter to the Boots top brass and/or (b) invade the shareholders’ AGM and carry out a nearly-nude protest.

But back to the email this morning, which was actually addressed to my partner, which eliminated any possibility that Boots might be reacting after reading my Bitterwallet diatribe.

It read… “I am contacting you about your order xxxxxxxx which you recently placed with boots.com. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties we were unable to process your order and therefore had to cancel it.

We sent an email at the time of cancelling to advise you of this however, we wanted to let you know again how genuinely sorry we are. We hope you will agree this is not our usual standard of service.

I appreciate how frustrating this will have been and I’d like to offer you a £25 gift card which you can use to treat yourself in store. I hope that this will go some way towards making up for the inconvenience caused and that you’ll continue to shop with Boots in the future.”

Good work Boots – hopefully there’ll be a lot of other disappointed customers getting the same email today. Let us know if you’re one of them.


  • Jim
    How many people did this acutally affect? Can't be that many as none of the news organisations picked up on it.
  • Jeffrey
    Large consumer supplier cancels order? Shock, horror. Sigh.
  • WBRacing
    To me it's not so important as to whether a supplier has an issue with a service or good that they have provided, more about how they deal with an issue as and when it arises. I think Boots have done well here, hopefully it is not simply as a result of your initial blogging.
  • MB
    >Large consumer supplier cancels order? >Shock, horror. >Sigh. Not quite. Large consumer supplier cancels an uncancelable order.
  • Pan
    They gave you a gift certificate? ...must be going under too...get it spent ASAP lol
  • speedski
    They managed to take an order on Boxing day, and then tell me 9 days later that they had shipped it, with the exception of the parts they cancelled WTF!?! So seeing as it was being delivered to me local store I went in, without them telling me it had arrived and managed to get them to check, it had, so I said thank you and took the order, walked to the front of the shop and told them I would like to return the whole lot. So I did, and I managed to save myself the £150 purchase, all because they cancelled a part of it and annoyed me. Ahh I feel better now.
  • Amanda H.
    Oh yeah, Boots, the worst company in the world? meh
  • Norm
    If this was widespread issue it would warrant a story, but it just an editor having a boring rant.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Some people have nothing better to do than moan.... If you don't like whats being written on here, leave.
  • callum
    I couldn't actually order it as the website was crashing while putting in payment details so I won't benefit from this. Nice to see a company genuinely compensate customers without being forced to though.
  • Will
    I think boots are great.
  • Amanda H.
    I like shoes myself.
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] sodding website has been out of action for most of the morning though, so my £25 gift card continues to burn a hole in my pocket. (deal found by [...]

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